A chat with Kim Hanks

November 5, 2020

Chatting with Kim Hanks

This month, we got to catch up with successful entrepreneur and big supporter of ours, Kim Hanks, the co-founder of Whim Hospitality. This special events business is based in the Texas hill country of Dripping Springs. This isn't your ordinary "wedding planning." Kim and her husband Whit have managed to merge a suite of event services such as floral and catering, to create an all encompassing package that makes for a happy and satisfied client. Camp Lucy, their venue, has been named the premier wedding location of Central Texas and comes with stellar accommodations from luxury cabins to an on site restaurant, Tillie's. They have it all!

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Kim stands at the beautiful entrance to Tillie's

When asked what characteristics make for a good entrepreneur, Kim was nothing but honest. "Gosh where do I start. Being curious and not afraid to fail is key. Don't get me wrong, failure is painful, but it is necessary in figuring out what works and what doesn't. Another key was having confidence in knowing that I wasn't good at everything. Then, hiring people that had those skills that I did not...people who were smarter than me in that field of expertise. Sometimes as an entrepreneur you fall into the trap of believing that you have to be skilled in everything. This is a lie."

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A Woman of Many Hobbies 

Kim loves to cook, travel with her husband, and white water raft. She also is a huge fan of fashion. "My favorite thing to do is to mix vintage pieces I find on Ebay with designers from around the world," says Kim. "My current favorite is Moloh, a British female designer of military and country squire jackets."

Describing white water rafting as "a bit frightening but fun," Kim has rafted everywhere from Wyoming, to Wales.

"I cook every morning and night, it helps me unwind," she says, adding that sitting on the front porch with her family and unpacking the opportunities and beauty each day brings is her favorite time.

"One time I met Prince Charles at a dinner party at Buckingham Palace. He told me about the time President Nixon tried to set him up with his daughter." 

"Liz James is my favorite!"

Kim's love language is gifts. "I love that I can go to Liz James and find jewelry that is universal for all the personality types I have surrounding me." When walking around the property, we couldn't help but notice that many female employees of Camp Lucy were also sporting a Liz James piece!

Our Tillie necklace is named after the Camp Lucy restaurant. How could we not be inspired!

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Kim's favorite Liz James pieces

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