Summer Jewelry Trends You Need Now

May 27, 2022

Summer is almost here. But what do you have to wear? More importantly, what jewelry pieces do you have ready to complete those summer looks?

This post offers you a look at summer jewelry trends and some versatile options that’ll complete different looks and outfits. Whether playful, natural and free, or bright and dramatic, these trends aren't just for summer—you'll want to wear them now.

Jewelry Trends to Help You Spring into Warmer Seasons

While jewelry isn’t necessary to complete an outfit, it can really spruce things up and add a bit of flair. It’s not only a key accessory, but it can also give you that extra boost of confidence when wearing your favorite looks.

But have you ever thought of wearing certain styles of jewelry for different seasons? If not, you might be wondering if you should. Trends change with the season, and so should your style. This involves choosing jewelry that’s not only practical, but also looks great with your outfits.

So, as we head towards the warmer months, it’s time to find some summer staples that bring your outfits to life.

The Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends to Add to Your Collection

Summer jewelry should be playful, colorful, and fun because, well, it’s summer! As you search for the perfect jewelry pieces to pair with your summer looks, take a look at some of these trends that fit the profile.

Stacked Bracelets

Instead of layering your thermals, try layering your jewelry for the summer. Decorate those bare arms with eye-catching bracelets. To add even more interest to the look, you can layer different-sized pieces by wearing a combination of thick and thin bracelets.

Thin-stacked bracelets give off a more chic and effortless look, while thick bracelets create a more hip, bohemian vibe. Either style will look great with a bathing suit. Right?

Unconventional Materials

Summer gives you more room to be playful with your looks, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your jewelry. Because you’ll likely be showing more skin, you will have a bigger canvas to mix and match your pieces.

Look for jewelry made out of interesting, unconventional materials like feathers, salvaged metal, wood, fabric, and shells. Striking textures and colors can really elevate a summer outfit.

Simple But Versatile Huggies

When the sun comes out, so does the activity. If you’re finding yourself on the go, moving from swim suit to workout clothes to your evening out, you might want to keep it simple, elegant, and beautiful–yet fun. Enter huggie earrings. These beautiful options provide a classic yet modern element to any outfit as you move through a jam-packed summer’s day.

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Bright Gemstones

Speaking of colors, leave the dark and pale tones behind in the fall and winter. Instead, opt for vibrant and turquoise-colored gemstones. You might also go for beautiful amethyst or pink topaz for a little extra flair. No matter the color you choose, your bright-colored gems can range from simple, elegant and beautiful to real show stoppers–whether you’re on the beach or out on the town.

Yellow Gold

Looking to bring out your sun-kissed skin and summer tan? Go for some yellow gold jewelry. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or ring, warmer tones complement summer tans and make them a lot more vibrant.

Citrine Jewels

In need of some jewelry trends that incorporate a beautiful quartz stone? Try citrine jewels. Citrine is a type of quartz with a variety of features that make it perfect for warmer weather, especially its sunny golden yellow hue.

Like yellow gold, citrine looks great against suntanned skin. It’s also a highly durable gemstone, as it’s difficult to scratch or chip. As you can see, citrine can be a great choice and will stand the test of time during summer outings.

Nautical Jewelry

Nautical jewelry is a big seller for the summer season—and for good reason. Summertime is all about soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, and taking in the beautiful sights at the beach.

So, it’s no wonder why nautical jewelry is a popular trend for the summer. Different types of nautical jewelry pieces include interlocking bracelets, charm bracelets, and starfish-themed jewelry pieces. Other nice touches to add to nautical jewelry are shells, pearls, opal, anchors, and compasses.

Shades of navy blue and turquoise are popular shades you’ll find in nautical jewelry. You might also see touches of gold and silver. So, go out there and celebrate the magic of sea life with a gorgeous shell charm bracelet, opal necklace, or pearl drop earrings.

Beaded Jewelry

Beads are excellent summer jewelry pieces. They come in a variety of colors and add a touch of playfulness to any summertime look.

Whether it be a trendy bracelet or elaborate earrings, beaded jewelry can be a real statement piece. What’s great and unique about beaded jewelry is that there are many handmade sellers out there who make these pieces with care.

Summer is upon us. It’s time to add a little spunk to your wardrobe and make your summer outfit burst with color by adding some beaded accessories.

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Layered Colorful Necklaces

As the weather begins to warm up, and you start to bring out your favorite neck-bearing tops, you can show off new and playful necklaces. Since your neck will no longer be hidden by turtlenecks, scarves, and huge coats, you can now embrace whimsical colors and fresh designs, and show them off to the world.

You can also layer your necklaces to accessorize your neckline and create a timeless look. Consider adding even more visual interest and variety by combining chains of varying lengths, shapes, sizes, textures, and weights.

Crystals and Modern Pearls

Crystals and modern pearls are great choices for those who want to add some excitement to their jewelry this summer. Pearls and crystals can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a fun summer outfit, creating that perfect balance. Because who doesn’t want to look glamorous while relaxing on the beach or enjoying a night out in the summer breeze?

Statement Necklaces

Consider a statement necklace to spice up your summer outfits. Dressing for the summer is all about staying cool and comfortable, which means you’re likely to avoid elaborate pieces and go for outfits that are more simple. Statement necklaces can bring that wow factor back into your summer looks.

To take things up a notch, you can also opt for colorful jeweled pieces and bright vibrant colors. If you want to transform a basic outfit into a standout look that will turn heads, go with a long pendant necklace with a large stone or a bright faceted stone statement necklace.

Grab the Perfect Summer Jewelry to Turn Up the Heat

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