The Classic Beauty of Turquoise and Gold Hoop Earrings

October 11, 2021

Why Are Turquoise and Gold Hoop Earrings Such a Classic Accessory?

Any time you wear turquoise and gold hoop earrings, the reaction you get will make it clear why this stone continues to play such an important role in the jewelry fashion habits of most major civilizations in the world. Besides being instantly recognizable, turquoise and gold hoop earrings are versatile and relatively affordable accessories that work with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

Turquoise's strikingly beautiful look has enthralled people from all over the world for thousands of years. Not only is it one of the most recognizable gemstones on earth, but it is also a mainstay of the jewelry collections of a selection of notable people from the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to Hollywood celebrities in the 21st century.

Even better, there are no two turquoise stones that look the same since they range in color from light green to light blue with various vein designs. Even turquoise extracted from the same mine will usually display stark differences from one stone to the next. The bright side to this variety? Every turquoise earring you buy is technically unique!

So, what exactly is it about this semi-precious stone that makes such a profound impact on our collective psyche?

Did You Know?

You may wear turquoise and gold hoop earrings without giving much thought to where turquoise comes from or its significance, but it’s actually quite interesting. Pure turquoise has such a vibrant appearance and is so pleasing to the eye that the stone is officially recognized as a color in itself - a rare privilege that no other gem in the world has to this day.

The name "turquoise" originates from the French word "Pierre turquoise," which roughly translates to "Turkish Stone." This is because all of the turquoise bought from Asia by European powers transited through Istanbul, Turkey.

The ground in the Himalayas where Tibetan miners extract turquoise has a distinct greenish hue, making Tibetan turquoise one of the most desirable varieties in the world. On the other hand, the gemstones mined from Persia and Egypt have a much bluer color and have less pronounced veining when cut and shaped to make jewelry.

The variations in veining and colors are because of different levels of aluminum and copper in the water flowing through the rocks that form the stones.

The Symbolism of Turquoise

This semi-precious gem, alongside Tanzanite and Zircon, is the birthstone for December and is found in practically every world region.

Turquoise is a revered stone for the Himalayas people and has been so for thousands of years due to their belief that it is heaven-sent. They believe that the eye-catching bluish-green color will protect anyone who has the gemstone on their person.

This belief explains why Tibetan children are commonly gifted turquoise to keep them safe on their life journeys.

Why Turquoise Paired With Gold Is a Beautiful and Unusual Combination

Because of the significant rise in demand for turquoise jewelry, a huge variety of contemporary, classic, and chic designs are now available. Still, the question is, which metal is the best compliment for the sheer beauty of the December birthstone?

When used in fine jewelry, people commonly wear turquoise in pendants, rings, and necklaces, and this gemstone is loved for the way it effortlessly infuses a touch of boho-chic vibe, no matter the outfit. Although most so-called contemporary designs choose silver, gold works best if you want to add a vintage or classic touch to your look. Turquoise and gold hoop earrings are always in style.

There are several reasons why gold combines so well with turquoise: Gold is the flashiest and most revered of all colors, symbolizing riches, extravagance, and wealth. Gold's color shares many of yellow's psychological attributes of cheerfulness and optimism. Gold is undeniably glamorous and is the metal associated with celebration, glitz, and good times.

What's more, gold and turquoise are some of the oldest jewelry combinations in the world. Ancient cultures, including the early Egyptians, made most of their jewelry by setting gemstones like turquoise in gold. Besides turquoise being one of the first stones discovered by humankind and used in adornment, you can find examples of vintage gold and turquoise jewelry in The Smithsonian, The Cairo Museum, and other top historical repositories globally.

Of course, the ancients also made turquoise jewelry from silver and other metals, but gold was the standard for people in power - the elite that most often wore jewelry.

Who Can Wear Turquoise and Gold Jewelry?

Turquoise is the ideal gemstone for the woman who wants a trendy and stylish look, and turquoise and gold earrings make the perfect complement. Turquoise looks particularly good on cool skin tones but also works well with warm tones with clever styling.

For starters, it is a suitable gift for the woman who is conscious of her health, confident in her intelligence or needs a calming effect for stressful situations. Many people believe that turquoise helps its wearers to think analytically and relieve their mental stress.

Turquoise and gold hoop earrings can also make a perfect gift for a close friend. The stone is not only a symbol of enduring friendship, but many cultures believe that it renews broken friendships as well. So, if you have lost touch with a longtime friend and want to reconnect, why not send them a classy pair of turquoise earrings?

The last suggestion may look like common sense, but because this stone helps to renew relationships among friends, it is a smart choice to give as a gift to your significant other in times of tension. Centuries of jewelry lovers believed that the turquoise stone bestows all the power it holds to the wearer, including knowledge, caring, and love. All these qualities sound like they would help if you and your lover have problems.

What Colors Can You Wear with Turquoise and Gold Hoop Earrings?

Now that we have established who you can buy turquoise earrings for, let's look at what you can wear. Many women see turquoise as intimidating because of its deep coloration, but, surprisingly, there are many outfit options to go with this semi-precious stone. Luckily for you, turquoise is a highly versatile jewel that lends itself well to various colors and styles.

For instance, why not try out your turquoise and gold hoop earrings with a simple grey business suit? You may not be in the mood or occasion to go with a full-color outfit, and it's okay. A good way to complement your turquoise and gold earrings without being flashy would be to try out a neutral color like gray or black. Let the stone make a statement for itself!

You could also follow the mood and plump for a light blue get-up since blue outfits often look amazing with turquoise and gold accents. We know that not everyone owns a light blue dress but, if you have one, you should try pairing it with your turquoise jewelry for a fun, matched-up look!

Turquoise jewelry with a yellow outfit is a winning combination. A yellow dress can be a risky choice since it doesn’t fit with many other colors. Luckily, turquoise is not one of them. Try a yellow top and a nice pair of jeans to partner your turquoise earrings. They will contrast in a way that works without being over-the-top.

Do Not Be Fooled by “Fake” Turquoise Jewelry

About 90 percent of the "turquoise" available on the market today is dyed howlite. Howlite is a stone whose white color has black veins reminiscent of turquoise. When dyed blue, the similarity to real turquoise is uncanny.

So, how do you differentiate between real and fake turquoise?

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to imitation turquoise is its price. When the price of turquoise looks too cheap to be true, it usually is. When you visit many boutiques or corporate fashion stores, you will find "turquoise" earrings or other jewelry for $20 or less, which is an impossible price for genuine gemstones.

In many cases, it is relatively easy to differentiate resin or plastic turquoise imitations from the real thing, but dyed howlite is more difficult to identify to the untrained eye.

If you suspect that you bought imitation jewelry, there is a simple test to identify if you bought dyed howlite. Soak or rub the stone in acetone and see if the color comes off.

Always look for genuine turquoise jewelry since it lasts longer and has a more natural look, greater color variation, and is of higher quality.

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