Unique Handmade Jewelry for Any Outfit

June 8, 2022

Professionally handmade jewelry is unique in and of itself because it’s made by artisans involved in the design, and there’s always a story behind each piece. High-quality, unique, handmade jewelry adds beauty, interest, and class to any outfit.

There are so many handmade jewelry options to choose from. And with so many choices, knowing how to pair them with what you wear is key to truly making a look stand out. Let’s dive into some different looks and how you might perfectly accessorize them.

Matching Unique Handmade Jewelry With Your Outfit

Different outfits call for unique handmade jewelry pieces. This might involve choosing the right jewelry for every occasion.

Casual Looks

Casual wear doesn’t have to be boring and plain. You can spruce things up with beautiful handmade jewelry pieces. A perfect pair of studs, hoop earrings, stylish layered necklaces, and a special bracelet are just a few pieces of jewelry you can wear on a casual day.

Work Outfits

Look for jewelry that’s appropriate for a business casual work environment. Diamond/crystal stud earrings, pendant necklaces, stackable minimal rings, and bangle bracelets are perfect pieces to complement your work outfit because they’re simple and elegant.

Night Out Looks

Whether you want to accessorize a new outfit or amp up an old one, you might want to look a bit edgier and go for a more dramatic look than what you’d normally wear. Statement necklaces, long drop necklaces, diamond necklaces, and statement earrings can complete your look and make you feel fabulous.

Formal Wear

When it comes to choosing jewelry for formal wear, it’s important to add balance to the look. Don’t choose jewelry that takes away from your outfit, but at the same time, don’t pick out a piece that underwhelms it either. Chokers, short necklaces, statement necklaces, statement rings, drop earrings, or cuff bracelets are great for pulling off a formal look.

You can also choose the jewelry you wear based on different fashion styles:

Urban Fashion

Urban fashion, also known as streetwear, is all about t-shirts, crop tops, hoodies, baggy pants and sneakers. The perfect pairing would be big earrings and necklaces, stacked bangles, chains and cuffs, and a mixture of metals (i.e, a combination of silver, metal, and rose gold).

Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing represents a previous era and refers to timeless pieces with a modern twist. One of the best ways to complement vintage clothing is to wear vintage jewelry, such as long, dangling earrings, brooches, line bracelets, charm bracelets, bib necklaces, and massive chokers.

Bohemian Fashion

The boho style is unique and models after the hippie aesthetic, incorporating earth tones, natural fabrics and dyes, and bold prints. Fringe, flowing maxi dresses and skirts, and slouchy handbags are common bohemian pieces. Uniquely designed large and colorful jewelry pairs well with the boho style. So, think of pieces like big, colorful earrings, artisan bracelets, or earthy-colored rings.

Sporty Style

If you’re into the sporty style, then you probably love wearing leggings, biker shorts, and oversized sweatshirts. When matching jewelry with athletic wear, less is more. Jewelry pieces like anklets, lightweight necklaces, hoop earrings, diamond studs, and stacked bracelets can add plenty of style to sporty outfits.

Artsy Looks

Artsy looks involve mixing and matching bold and bright colors with busy prints. Unique handmade jewelry pieces to complement this style include colorful bangles, pieces with colorful gemstones, and oversized earrings.

Preppy Style

Pleated skirts, Mary Jane shoes, button-downs, cardigans, and varsity sweaters and jackets represent the preppy style. So, if you’re going for a preppy look, you can complete it with some pearls, elegant earrings, and layered necklaces. 

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You can either dress up or dress down a casual t-shirt. Go for a minimal necklace or some chunky hoops, whether you’re wearing a relaxed scoop neckline or a deep v-neck.


Depending on the blouse, you can get away with chunky jewelry pieces, or you can leave things nice and simple. For example, if the blouse has a busy pattern, it’s best to skip the necklace, and go for big studs or drop earrings.


There are so many types of dresses, coming in different shapes, styles, sizes, patterns, and necklines. Depending on the type of dress you’re wearing, always pay attention to the neckline. For example, if the neckline shows plenty of skin, feel free to accessorize your dress with a long pendant necklace. On the other hand, if the neckline leaves limited space, opt for a choker or consider not wearing a necklace at all. And regardless of the neckline, you can also wear a diamond tennis bracelet, drop earrings, or even a statement necklace to complete the look.


You can showcase a statement necklace with a blouse and blazer in complementing colors. To tie the look together, you can even button your blouse up to the collar so that the necklace frames the outfit. As far as wearing other jewelry with blazers, a few simple rings and some stud or drop earrings will do. If you want to wear a bracelet, it’s not really practical because the sleeves on the blazer will cover your bracelet.


When it comes to styling jewelry with a swimsuit, you can elevate your look with trendy chainlinks, playful beads, seashell pieces, and modern pearls. Layering looks great here, too.


It can be fun to find unique handmade jewelry pieces to wear with jeans. That’s because jeans are highly versatile articles of clothing. You can get away with wearing all types of jewelry with jeans, such as a strand of pearls, stacked bangles, layered necklaces, long or chandelier earrings, bib necklaces, charm bracelets, and more.

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Unique Handmade Jewelry Style Tips for Different Outfits

Now that you have a good idea about how to wear jewelry to complete different types of outfits, let’s look at a few best practices to take your outfit to the next level. Here, we list some of the best tips to make your outfit pop with beautiful handmade jewelry.

Choose Jewelry Based on the Occasion

When choosing your jewelry, take factors like the occasion into account. For example, if you’re going to a wedding, you might choose a diamond necklace to go with your gown. On the other hand, for a girls’ night out, you might go for some eye-catching earrings.

But what about the days when you just want to lounge around at home or run errands and still look stylish? You need beautiful everyday jewelry you can rock like a single-strand keepsake necklace or a few simple rings.

Pick Out Simple Jewelry for Busy Patterns

If you’re wearing a bold outfit with busy patterns or bright colors, you can balance out the look with simple jewelry pieces like stud earrings, drop pendants, charm bracelets and necklaces, and watches.

But don’t feel like you have to be limited to minimal jewelry. You can pair bold with bold jewelry, but you must be able to do it tastefully to successfully pull off the look.

Fuse Cool Colors With Warm Jewelry

It’s always fun to play with different colors and make them pop. That’s what you can do with jewelry and your outfits. For example, canary diamonds, amber gems, and rubies give off a fiery look and pair well with white and black. On the other hand, warm gemstones look great with cooler shades like purple and blue.

Consider Your Neckline

Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt, blouse, or dress, it’s best to find jewelry that complements the neckline well. For example, drop and layered necklaces look stunning on low necklines, while a high and closed neckline may pair well with a short, bold statement necklace.

Jewelry Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Follow the tips in this post to pick the right jewelry piece for any outfit. But don’t feel like you have to follow everything to a tee. Be yourself, and wear what makes you feel the most comfortable. Because remember, after all, you’re the focal point.

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