Effortless Elegance: Gold-Filled Minimalist Jewelry

May 19, 2021

After more than a year of delivered meals and homeschooling, things are finally starting to open up. Restaurants are accepting reservations, cinemas are selling tickets, and friends are feeling more comfortable hosting weekend barbecues. Soon, those days of getting dressed up to take the garbage out will seem like a long-gone memory.

While you may be ready to fold up your loungewear and move your favorite outfits back into the rotation, the idea of going all out likely still feels a bit overwhelming. Gold-filled minimalist jewelry gives you an opportunity to dress up - or down - while still feeling polished and elegant for any occasion.

What is gold-filled minimalist jewelry?

The differences in the approaches to creating gold jewelry:

Gold-filled jewelry has every bit of the quality, beauty, and elegance of its solid gold counterparts. Jewelers start with a base layer of metal that is either jewelers’ brass, copper, or sterling silver. A solid gold layer is bonded on top of this metal using heat and pressure.

While it’s true that gold-filled jewelry is less expensive than solid gold pieces, that’s not its only appeal. Gold is a very soft metal, making it delicate to maintain over time. With a thicker layer of gold on top of a more firm metal, you can be sure that your favorite jewelry pieces hold up for daily wear, and still look their best.

There is a clear difference between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry, which is important to note. Gold-plated jewelry is created atop a base metal, with a very thin layer of gold. By nature, this thin layer can easily wear off over time. It is also susceptible to tarnishing and does not withstand exposure to water or heat over time.

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What makes it minimalist?

Minimalist jewelry is essentially a subtle, understated approach to accessorizing. This approach is versatile, allowing you to wear your favorite pieces to the cafe for your first coffee of the day, or out to a chic restaurant for a date. With clean designs, simple shapes, and single colors, minimalist jewelry will never be accused of overcomplicating an outfit.

Taking the minimalist approach

Minimalism has become a household word these days, and there’s a reason for that. The minimalist approach to aesthetics has helped to bring a clean, orderly approach and remind us of the old adage “less is more.”

Minimalist jewelry is versatile, elegant, and simple. These pieces can be worn alone or along with other minimal pieces, allowing you to create a unique look to suit your mood or occasion. Paring down the accessories is a trend that’s here to stay.

For inspiration, turn to celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, or Reese Whitherspoon. These women are icons for the approach to keeping accessories true to their name - they accessorize, rather than taking center stage. With dainty necklaces, layered bracelets, and simple earrings, their look is meaningful yet understated.

Gold-filled minimalist jewelry can add a touch of elegance to a pair of jeans or can keep that sparkly cocktail dress from going over the top. With the ability to mix and match, you can have a few simple pieces you love, and wear them in fun new ways.

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Minimalist jewelry staples for everyone

Gold-filled minimalist jewelry is the most versatile, approachable, timeless accessory you can add to your wardrobe. It can easily accompany you from late morning brunch with friends to mid-afternoon errand running, then off to dinner and a play in the evening. So what are the foundation pieces you can build your collection on?


Minimalist necklaces are simple pieces that add a bit of a shimmer to your neck without being overpowering. You’ll find options in unadorned chains or simple charms. If you like a necklace with beads or stones, go monochrome with either a small and centered beaded design, or a repeated pattern along the strand.

Long and dainty or a neck-hugging choker, these understated strands never go out of fashion. Wear one at a time for a subtle flair, or layer the strands for your own personalized statement.


A simple cuff or stackable chain will dress up your wrist without being obtrusive. Minimalist bracelets are designed to be worn together or with other accessories such as a wristwatch.

Similar to their necklace counterparts, you will find small chains (with or without charms), bangles, and simple monochromatic cuffs. Wear these pieces as a solo jewelry statement, or pair them with simple earrings and a necklace.


For many women, opting for one piece of jewelry means a favorite pair of earrings. Easy and effortless, earrings have a way of creating a look all on their own. Small drops, simple but elegant hoops, and stylish studs are all popular amongst minimalist design lovers.

If you have multiple piercings in your ears, you can mix styles - maybe a stud up top, and a hoop down below? - for a layered effect. Having a gorgeous yet modest piece of detail popping out behind your hair is eye-catching.

Gold is timeless

There are many styles and materials for minimalist jewelry, and gold-filled is our favorite. Not only is it elegant and durable, its beauty is timeless. While styles have changed throughout the generations, the appeal of gold remains. Suitable for a variety of occasions and wardrobes, your gold jewelry will be in heavy rotation.

With gold-filled jewelry, it’s not only the style that stands the test of time. A more durable alternative to solid gold jewelry, these pieces will be favorites for many years to come. They will never tarnish or fade, and can join you for a run in the park, a vacation at the beach, or can be your daily wear pieces while looking fresh each time you put them on.

The effortless style of gold-filled minimalist jewelry is a trend we can all get behind. Whether you like to be minimal with your jewelry or layer simple pieces to make a minimalist statement that is uniquely yours, we have handmade pieces to fit your style. Looking to step out with an elegant, humble fashion statement? We can help you find your new favorite piece.