What to Look for In Everyday Wear Bracelets

March 23, 2021

Everyday wear bracelets elevate any outfit and can be worn solo or layered to create an interesting statement, even for the most basic wardrobe. The wonderful thing about bracelets is that they work well with every style, from sporty and casual to professional and dressy.

One of our favorite looks is to wear simple earrings, a super simple or no necklace, and bold, stacked bracelets. This “less is more” look is sophisticated, understated, and exudes confidence. Vogue puts it best when it said, “Sometimes the best fashion statements are the ones that whisper instead of scream.”

Whether you are a minimalist or like to express yourself through bold jewelry, don’t forget your wrists. You likely use your hands when you communicate, and bracelets catch the eye and say just as much about you as the clothes you are wearing.

If you are looking for bracelets you can wear every day, we’ve put together a few things to consider as you build your collection.


It goes without saying that everyday wear bracelets are versatile. Oxford Languages defines versatile as “able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.” You want to find bracelets that can go from the home office to a night on the town, from your child’s soccer game to a concert. You get the idea.

Versatility also means your everyday wear bracelets don’t necessarily follow trends. They are a classic style that you can wear for years to come. While it’s sometimes fun to own the latest trendy jewelry, it feels effortless to have heirloom pieces in your wardrobe you can always rely on to look great.


To be able to wear a bracelet every day means it has to not only look good but also hold up through most activities. You shouldn’t have to worry about it falling apart on the tennis court or turning colors after a day at the pool.

Durability is all about the materials and how it’s made. Look for high-quality materials, such as gold-filled chains versus gold-plated, natural stones and pearls versus acrylic or plastic, and genuine leather instead of synthetic materials. The most durable bracelets are likely made by hand, as the artist meticulously creates and inspects each piece one by one. Durable bracelets may cost more, but they will last.


You may wear your bracelet all day, every day, so you don’t want it to weigh you down. A lightweight bracelet will feel virtually weightless and easily move with your arm. Delicate chains are a good option, as are thin bangles and cuffs.


While wearing a simple bracelet on its own is great, invest in pieces that work well together when you want a different, more edgy look. You can mix metals and materials, as well as bracelet widths to create a unique look that is easy to change up with the addition or removal of any piece.

Have fun layering your bracelets, but keep in mind that if you wear a layered look on your wrist, you may want to scale back on your necklace. Remember that less is more.


You may not think about this being something to look for in everyday-wear bracelets, but noise matters. Have you ever worn a bunch of bangles that clink or acrylic bracelets that clank? It can be annoying for you and the people around you.

You can still wear stacked bangles but look for thinner ones made with gold-fill. We deliberately wrap gold-fill wires in key places around our bangles to prevent them from making noticeable noise when they touch each other. Leather cuffs are another great option to layer with other pieces, helping to dampen any sound from other pieces you may mix with it.

Types of Everyday Wear Bracelets


Bangles never go out of style, and if they’re made with quality materials, should hold up without bending, warping or turning colors. Bangles look great stacked. Try wearing three or more together and/or layer them with other styles to create a look all your own.


Cuffs show some attitude and exude confidence. Cuffs can be narrow or wide and can snap, tie, wrap or slide on. Unless the cuff is narrow, you likely will wear just one cuff at a time, but they can look great with more delicate bracelets stacked with them.

We love textured leather or suede cuffs with a touch of gold for that earthy wow factor, but cuffs can be made with metal, stones, or even glass. If you choose a bold cuff, downplay any rings you may wear with it. Too many bold pieces on one hand may appear clunky instead of chic.


You can’t go wrong with one or more chain bracelets. Chains come in infinite varieties, so there’s never a lack of new looks you can create. From a classic gold link chain to one with stones, pearls, charms (or a mix of all three), chains are the ultimate everyday wear bracelet that blends style with a certain “cool” factor.

Mix and match styles and metals, and don’t be afraid to layer a bunch together just because. Even an outfit as simple as jeans and a white button-down shirt with rolled sleeves looks amazing with a stack of different chain bracelets dangling from your wrist.


Charms are always a nice touch to a bracelet, and there are so many charms you can choose from to personalize your look. Some of the most popular charms right now are pearls or beads, medallions, coins, and small plates with an engraved initial. Again, less is more here. A single small charm hanging from a delicate chain is perfect.


Beaded bracelets may have a few stones spaced around a chain or made primarily of stones. This type of bracelet gives you the chance to add a pop of color to your look, so add several different colored, beaded bracelets to your collection. You can layer different colors or complement an outfit by carrying a color from your clothes onto your wrist.

No matter your style or your outfit, everyday wear bracelets are a great way to add a little flare without going overboard. Need help finding the right pieces to incorporate into your jewelry collection? We’d love to hear from you!