Fashionable Long Necklaces: What's in Style?

December 3, 2021

If you absolutely love long necklaces, you might be wondering if they are still in style. In the past few seasons, we've seen 90's chokers take the spotlight in the necklace scene. While they are charming, let's be honest. Chokers are not for everybody. Some of us just rock fashionable long necklaces. Fear not, spring and summer 2021 brought back the long necklaces trend.

This article will cover what makes a long necklace, how to wear it, and what makes the best fashionable long necklaces.

What's Considered a Fashionable Long Necklace?

A long necklace is precisely how it sounds - a necklace whose reach may be longer than 32 inches. The long chain may allow the necklace or pendant to fall as low as your belly button (depending on how long it really is).

Most fashionable long necklaces are referred to as "opera" or "rope" necklaces. Opera necklaces are typically 28 to 32 inches long and rest just below the ribcage. Some people may wrap opera necklaces around twice to make a double choker style. Rope necklaces are anything longer than 32 inches. People usually wrap rope necklaces around their necks more than once to create a layering effect. You may also fold some in half, looping one end through the fold to form a lariat.

What’s Currently in Style for Long Necklaces

Out with the old, and in with the new! While we should embrace many of the trends from the 90's coming back (like scrunchies and slip dresses), fabric chokers need to keep moving. It is time to pull out your favorite long necklaces you've been dying to wear again. Or, if you are new to the game: what kinds are taking the runway? Below are some of the best options for today's fashion scene:

Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstone necklaces are timeless pieces that always make the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. They complement a wide variety of outfits and ensembles. They can boost your style whether you are in a formal business meeting or out clubbing.

With gemstones and outfits - it is all about color coordination. For example, cool tones (like blues, greens, and purples) work well with warm colors (your yellows, oranges, and reds). Black dresses and white dresses work well with gold jewelry and onyx gemstones.

If you have tons of gemstone jewelry but have no idea how to color match - it is time to pull out the color wheel. It is an excellent tool for beginners. Start with the color of your outfit or gemstone and look at the color in the opposite side of the wheel. If your outfit is red, go with something emerald!

Single Pendant Long Necklaces

Single pendant necklaces are the option of choice for fashionable long necklaces. They consist of a single pendant with a gold or silver chain which acts as a focal point for your jewelry.

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Long Spike Necklaces

These beautiful necklaces feature a long spike, usually made out of gold, gold-filled, silver, or steel, and a long gold or silver chain. You can wear them long, layered, or shortened into a lariat style. Spike necklaces are a staple piece that absolutely belongs in everyone's wardrobe.

Lariat Necklaces

If you want a long necklace but are unsure how to style it, lariat necklaces are the best option. Typically, they are long, thin pieces characterized by their lack of traditional clasps or closures. As I mentioned in an earlier section, they are held together by threading one end through a loop fixed on the other end or tying a knot on the chain.

There are multiple variations of lariat necklaces so you can showcase your personality! There are charm or pearl attachments, and several pieces are embellished with stunning gemstones, too.

The best part is that lariat necklaces look great with any outfit, from a romantic date to a formal setting.

Gold-Plated Vs. Gold-Filled

When purchasing jewelry, you may be wondering what the difference between gold, gold-plated, and gold-filled jewelry is. It all sounds like different names for the same thing, right? Well, not all gold is created equal. To the everyday person, it can be tricky figuring out which type would make the best jewelry.

Solid gold jewelry is the highest quality available, and as a result, is the most expensive. You may think that because it is of the highest quality, it makes the best jewelry. However, gold is a soft substance and easily dents and scratches.

Gold-filled jewelry is less expensive but is a valuable alternative to sold gold. It retains the yellow beauty of solid gold but is much more durable.

Gold-plated jewelry is the cheapest and most accessible gold jewelry you will find but it tarnishes quickly. The gold is likely to flake off within a year, exposing brass underneath. The brass cannot withstand heat or water and will tarnish and corrode quickly.

In short, if you are looking to purchase a durable, fashionable long necklace, you cannot go wrong with a gold-filled piece. Gold-filled jewelry is so durable that you can even wear it in the shower!

How to Wear a Long Necklace

There are various ways to wear fashionably long necklaces. Have you ever really thought about how you wear your jewelry, or do you just pick out something that looks nice? On a day-to-day basis, you may not consider what jewelry you are wearing too much, but if you are heading into a business meeting, a romantic date, or something similar, you want to look flattering. The last thing you want to do is pick out a perfect outfit, then pick the wrong statement piece.

The following sections provide some detail on things to consider when wearing long necklaces.

Long Clothes vs. Short Clothes

It is essential to know what kind of outfits look good with long necklaces. High-cut shirts are the perfect match for long necklaces. With the long, dangling necklace chain, you will want a nicely proportioned look with a high-low silhouette. It is better to avoid wearing long necklaces with overlong clothes because it looks like you are drowning in your clothes.

At the same time, wearing a crop top with a long necklace doesn’t typically look quite right. Crop tops rest just above or at your belly button, so wearing a long necklace that rests around the same area or lower would look off. But if you want to go for it, there is a way to pull it off.

If you pair the crop top with high-waisted bottoms (pants, skirts, or shorts), it will paint a crisp canvas for your long necklace.


One of the best ways that you can wear long necklaces is by layering them. Layering effects look great with both casual and dressy outfits. Layering necklaces looks great with dressy and casual outfits, so it is an excellent option to jazz up your look. Trying layering with gold, brass, and sterling silver pieces. Here are some stylish layering tips:

  • Combine Different Chain Styles: Contrasting styles, textures, and thickness adds an in-depth and attractive appeal to your stack! It will also reduce tangling.
  • Even Length Variation: Try to go for an even space between layered necklaces. You will look a little off with a choker, a princess necklace close to your neckline and a rope pendant necklace dangling several inches lower.
  • Choose a Centerpiece: If you have a specific necklace you are dying to show off, use layering to do so! Make it the center of your look, and work from there to complement its beauty.
  • Avoid Tangles: As much as we love necklaces, tangles are inevitable, especially when laying multiple necklaces at a time. To help avoid tangles, we recommend that you put on daintier necklaces first, then follow up with any chunkier ones. The chunky necklaces will help weigh down the delicate necklaces and keep them from tangling up on you.

Additionally, most of these necklaces are long enough that they can wrap around your neck twice or even a few times, which makes it seem that you are wearing more than one necklace. This look works well if you are wearing a boat neck or a crewneck shirt.

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Long necklaces can easily match into various environments. Need to get in style quickly and effortlessly for work? Get a simple work-appropriate outfit and make a statement with a long necklace with a pendant. In no time, you have a stylish outfit that your colleagues will surely notice.

You can always mix and match your outfits to find the perfect combinations for whatever event lies ahead! Just be careful about mixing colors and details - especially when heading into work.

And, of course, we can't leave out casual wear. Jewelry is not just for workwear. Spice up your weekend with a fashionable long necklace. A simple top, your favorite pair of jeans, and a comfy jacket can look trendy and stylish with an elegant long necklace.

Invest In Higher Quality Fashionable Long Necklaces

The worst thing is spending a ton of money on something and having it break or get ruined shortly thereafter. It is important to purchase jewelry that is made of high-quality and durable materials that suit your skin type and needs. So, if you are planning on purchasing gold, keep in mind that gold-filled is the “golden” choice.

Not only does it not tarnish easily. If you have sensitive skin, you can rest easy knowing that gold-filled does not flake off or turn skin green.

Fashionable Long Necklaces Are Back In Style!

We promise. Long necklaces are back and better than ever. The great thing about fashion is that as new trends arise, old ones also come back around. For now, we are once again saying goodbye to the 90’s fabric and leather chokers and welcoming back our beloved long necklaces.

At Liz James, you can expect the highest quality gold-filled jewelry and the best experience when purchasing online or in any retail store. Shop our collection of 14k gold-filled fashionable long necklaces today.