How to Choose a Unique Everyday Necklace

February 24, 2021

What Is a Unique Everyday Necklace?

Have you ever looked at a friend or even a celebrity and loved the simplicity of a necklace they were wearing? Perhaps you see them wearing it regularly with all kinds of outfits and wonder if you have anything in your collection you could wear every day with every outfit.

A unique everyday necklace is just that - one that is simple, goes with everything, and can be worn every day. In fact, you don’t have to ever take it off. Simply by layering other necklaces with your everyday necklace, you can get a completely new look.

We partnered with a fabulous Austin stylist, Sheri Terrell, to get her advice on how to choose and wear a unique everyday necklace. Sheri helps clients all over Austin update their wardrobes, find the perfect attire for any event or vacation, and learn how to wear items they already have in a fresh, modern way. Be sure to check out her website and blog for more great fashion ideas and advice.

How Sheri Defines an Everyday Necklace

We asked Sheri how she explains an everyday necklace to her clients. “I work with women who like to wear the same earrings every day,” says Sheri. “Either they like the convenience of having standard go-to earrings, or they just love wearing earrings that clearly reflect their personalities, like diamond or pearl studs, small hoop earrings, or an heirloom piece. The same goes for everyday necklaces.

“Everyday necklaces aren’t complicated or ornate,” she continues. “They’re typically delicate and unassuming, you never have to take it off, and can wear it to play tennis and for a night out on the town. It looks appropriate with shorts and sandals, jeans and a pretty blouse, and a dress and heels. You can wear it with all necklines, too, including v-neck, scoop, crew, cowl, boat, halter, and off-the-shoulder.”

Vogue says, “Everyday jewelry is an easy yet foolproof way to add a little extra shine to your look.” Sheri agrees, saying, “You may not think of wearing jewelry with your swimsuit or with shorts and sandals, but even a simple, short gold chain can make the most casual outfit pop. It shows you have elevated style, even when you are dressed down.”

How to Find a Unique Everyday Necklace

It isn’t difficult to find a unique everyday necklace. They are everywhere. What matters is quality. You can go to a big box store or retail chain and get a “gold” chain necklace, for instance, but if you are going to wear it every day, you want to be sure it’s made with quality materials so it will hold up to body oils, sweat, chlorine, perfume, and normal wear and tear.

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“You don’t have to purchase a 24K gold necklace to get good quality,” says Sheri. “I always shop brands like Liz James that use gold-fill versus gold-plated because their jewelry lasts forever. When you’re looking for an everyday necklace, be sure you ask the store or designer what it’s made of. You may spend a little more for the gold-fill or sterling silver, but you won’t have to replace it in a year or so when it turns colors.”

What Makes Everyday Necklaces Unique?

If you’re going to wear a certain necklace every day, it should say something about you. It’s one of the reasons so many women like to buy from local jewelry designers. They know few people will be wearing their special jewelry and they feel special wearing it.

“I tell my clients that everyday jewelry isn’t meant to be like everyone else’s,” says Sheri. “You can get inspiration from celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Garner, for instance. They all wear unique everyday necklaces. You can also look at what you like on your friends, but you should choose a piece that reflects who you are.

“One of the big trends right now is a simple chain with a single, little charm, like a coin, medallion, cross, pearl, or bead. Choose one that means something to you or is interesting so you can make it your own.”

Another big trend is the layered look. Sheri often helps clients get the layered look just right depending on the outfit. “I love layering several everyday necklaces together or layering one or more everyday necklaces with a statement piece to create a more dramatic look,” says Sheri. “Take the Brady necklace. It’s a short, delicate gold chain with tiny stones spaced about an inch apart. You can choose the color of your stone to make it unique, then layer one or more of them with a mid-length necklace, like the Tillie necklace, when you want to add a little more pop and personality to an outfit.”

Once you add a couple of everyday necklaces to your collection, it’s fun to buy longer necklaces in varying lengths to throw on with certain outfits. “When you are layering necklaces, you want different lengths so you can see each one, but you don’t want to overdo it,” says Sheri. “It should look effortless as much as stylish. Usually, two to three necklaces are perfect to achieve a layered look. Anything more can look bulky and too fussy.”

Where Should You Start?

Many women already have an everyday necklace in their collection, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t freshen things up. “I always look at what my clients already have and what they still love,” says Sheri. “Get rid of any necklaces that have turned colors or you never wear. It feels so good to clean out the clutter and keep only the items you enjoy wearing. From there, think about what you still need. I tell clients that it’s a good idea to get a couple of gold chains, as well as silver so they can either mix the metals or wear them separately with other gold or silver jewelry if they want a more monochromatic look.”

Sheri is known for her eccentric and bold statement pieces but believes even those pair well with everyday necklaces. “I love color and pieces of jewelry that grab people’s attention,” she says, “So whether you are like me or you prefer a more subtle look, unique everyday necklaces still work. Because they are dainty, they don’t distract from or compete with larger pieces and they can stand alone without them.”

Again, Sheri suggests purchasing slightly different lengths of necklaces so that when you layer them, they don’t rest on top of each other. Many jewelry designers make everyday necklaces and you can try them on together to make sure they lay just right on your chest. You can also wear any piece you already have to the shop and see which new necklaces pair well with it.

“Your jewelry says as much about you as your clothes,” says Sheri. “If you want to be unique, you need to build a unique collection of jewelry. Look at your entire collection as a portfolio of artwork. You may have expensive jewelry you wear only on special occasions, but be sure your everyday jewelry works well together and tells a story of who you are. Experiment with different combinations and take pictures of looks you like so you will remember all of your options and can quickly put a look together. As you do this, you may discover you are missing key pieces. This will help you buy exactly what you need instead of something that may not work with what you already have.”

We love all of the great advice Sheri gave us and plan to include her in upcoming blogs. In the meantime, be sure to look through our necklaces and Sheri’s website to get more inspiration.