Jewelry for Business Attire: What's Appropriate?

November 17, 2021

As COVID spread across the globe and employees were forced to work from home, our outfits changed significantly. As casual clothing reigned in 2019, dress wear dropped to 24.8% of the total US apparel market, down from the previous year's 31.5%.

After over a year of working at home, we're finally heading back to the office. We again need to dress for success. Now is the time to update our wardrobes and move away from the comfy sweatpants we've been wearing. As a woman, it is critical to find the best jewelry for business attire.

You've got your outfit and hairstyle down. Now, what about accessories? Every professional wardrobe should have a roster of simple, stylish everyday business jewelry.

Whether you prefer silver, gold, diamond, or pearl, there are plenty of excellent options to consider. Finding the right pieces that are appropriate for your work environment but still feel personal can take time. You do not need to spend a fortune on diamonds and high-end designer names to show you have good taste. Whether you like layered jewelry or are more into the minimalist lifestyle, we got your back.

How to Choose Your Jewelry for Business Attire

We jump at every opportunity to show off our new faves - and why not? Well, accessorizing gets a little foggy in the business world. It can sometimes be challenging to know what jewelry is appropriate for business attire. Here are some tips for different situations to get you started:

Everyday Office Attire

Engagement/wedding rings or bands are always appropriate. If you want to wear another ring, wear it on your right hand.

Instead of flashy jewelry, opt for more classic pieces that don’t overshadow you.

Avoid heavy jewelry that will leave you uncomfortable after a typical 9-5.

Don’t overdo it on jewelry, such as a stack of loud bangle bracelets or mixing multiple bold pieces.

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Interview Attire

Keep it subtle

The focus should be on what you say and not what you wear.

Obviously, jewelry is a way of expressing yourself and showing off your personality. If that is your goal, try not to wear something too "loud."

Be careful about earring size - larger pieces often distract.

Always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Business Meeting Attire

Accessorizing in meetings helps you stand out and give you an edge by showcasing your unique personality.

Consider the nature of the meeting before selecting jewelry for the meeting. Your jewelry for business attire changes depending on whether it is a board meeting with senior executives or a coffee meet with your coworkers.

Small studs work great in either of the scenarios mentioned above.

If you know you will be making a lot of hand gestures, consider wearing a single, beautiful bracelet.

Formal Functions or Dinner Attire

Elegant jewelry helps you look stylish without sacrificing professionalism.

Diamond or gold bracelets instantly give you a sophisticated look.

Need a watch? Smartwatches are the way to go.

Informal Office Event Parties

Statement pieces are king and give you a great opportunity to showcase your personality.

Select one statement piece and downplay your other jewelry if you choose to wear any.

Choosing Professional Jewelry for Your Workplace Attire

What you wear matters. Your business attire can sometimes be enough to prove that you are capable of success. Honestly, would you trust a doctor who walked in wearing a black trench coat and several gold chains? Of course not!

You'd demand a new doctor, and you might even switch hospitals! Your outfit shows your dedication to the workplace and professionalism. But that doesn't mean you cannot spice up your wardrobe, even in conservative industries.

You do not want to go over the top, but you want to wear jewelry that shows who you are. So, here we have a handy guide to help you pick out the perfect jewelry to accessorize your business attire.

Less is Always More

We get it. Some days you just want to show off every piece of jewelry you own but jewelry for business attire is more subtle.

It is best to stick with a single necklace and a simple, elegant bracelet. If you want to add a charm, go right ahead! But do not go overboard.

Lightweight Jewelry for Business Attire

There are plenty of fashion choices we do not miss from pre-COVID. Heavy jewelry is one of them. The last thing anyone needs is an extra five pounds weighing them down. The jewelry of choice as we head back into the office is elegant, delicate pieces. These pieces are so light, you will not even know you are wearing them. Just don't let anyone catch you checking your ears to make sure your studs are still there.

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Wear a Watch

Of course, anyone can check their cell phone for the time. However, constantly pulling out your phone at an office job looks childish and unprofessional. Wearing a watch shows you are conscientious about the time and have excellent time management skills.

There is no need to invest in an expensive Rolex but move away from plastic or silicone watches. Check out these ideas for types of watches for your personality or profession.


Do not worry, ladies: hoop earrings are allowed. We recommend you opt for smaller hoops that essentially "hug" your ears.

Stud earrings have long been the crux of business jewelry attire. There are plenty of stylish options to choose from (without breaking the bank). Pearl, diamond, crystal, and gold-filled stud earrings are all attractive options. They are simple, elegant, and look great with every outfit. They can even come in different shapes.

Dangling earrings can also be appropriate - if they are silent and not too long. Save the ones long enough to touch your shoulders for date night.

Gold Beats All

Diamond is a girl's best friend, but gold is sleek, professional, and oh-so-beautiful. But what is the best gold to go for?

Forget the cheap, gold-plated stuff. That stuff will tarnish quickly and may even turn your skin green. If you are willing to spend the money on the real deal - go for it! But there is a middle ground.

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Gold-filled jewelry is an alternative to solid gold that lets you spend less money without sacrificing quality. Gold-filled jewelry does not flake off or turn your skin green. They can last a lifetime with the proper care.


It is the same deal with rings: less is more. You do not want to stack rings up your fingers like a rock-a-stack. One or two rings are acceptable. And even these should be understated. A simple band or a small gemstone is appropriate for the office.

Single Strands of Pearls

It doesn't matter if you do not even wear pearls that often - you must have a single strand of pearls in your work accessory kit. They are an excellent piece to fall back on when you just cannot figure out what to wear. Even a baseball player has been seen wearing pearls at the World Series!

The simple yet elegant strand of pearls looks stunning with just about anything. Skirt and jacket, pants and blazers, tailored suits, plain white blouses; a single strand of pearls will only complement them.


If you thought brooches were outdated, think again. Brooches were pretty big in the 80s. Back then, they were practically billboards attached to the shoulder. While there are still plenty of over-the-top ones, there are lovely, simple designs that will look great on special occasions.

You can even get brooches that support different causes, such as breast cancer or autism awareness.

Bold Pieces

Depending on the situation and environment, it may be appropriate to wear a bolder piece of jewelry. While you do not want eyes drawn to your jewelry instead of your words, some situations demand attention. If you do decide to go bold, only go for one bold piece.

Seen Not Heard

Remember, you do not want to be heard a mile away when you are in office. Every time you walk from one room to the next, your coworkers shouldn't be able to tell it is you by the jingle of your bangles. Trust me, you will not be taken seriously.

The perfect, flattering jewelry for business attire is proportional to your body features. They complement your outfit without making unnecessary noise.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is a piece that allows individuals to express their unique personalities through jewelry. Statement jewelry is usually big, bold and ensures that eyes are drawn to them. When delivering a big presentation, the last thing you want is your colleagues' eyes on your jewelry.

It is essential to ensure that statement jewelry does not overpower your look. If you think your colleagues will be staring at your jewelry instead of your eyes, they will not hear a word coming out of your mouth.

A simple yellow gold bar necklace is an elegant statement piece that can be worn every day, even at the office. Gold bar necklaces are commonly seen in the following forms:

  • Horizontal or vertical bars
  • Curved bars
  • Straight bars
  • Gem-lined bars

Many gold bar necklaces can be given personalized engravings. Something as simple as a loved one's name, your name, a personal saying can make it a unique, stylized statement piece.

Don't Sacrifice Style

There are many styles and materials to choose from when it comes to jewelry for business attire. There are elegant, durable, and beautiful styles available to keep your updated wardrobe professional and attractive.

You can absolutely be an individual and showcase your unique style without getting too overwhelming with your accessories. There is no shame in experimenting with different colors and textures. Our advice? Keep it subtle, and don't wear everything at the same time.

If there's a particular piece of jewelry that you are dying to show off to your coworkers but does not fit with your daily workwear, save it for casual Friday! Or, wear it out to a drink with your coworkers. There's a time and place for everything: including jewelry.

Even in conservative workplaces, there are times when a simple necklace or pair of earrings are essential. No matter your style, Liz James Designs is set on providing high-quality collections that speak to the beauty and elegance of every woman. Whether you are wearing a professionally tailored suit or pants and blazer set, our handcrafted pieces will add a touch of grace to every outfit.