Everyday Essentials: 14k Gold-Filled Earrings

June 9, 2021

The history of earrings throughout the ages is a fascinating one. The earliest evidence of earrings was found in a mummy dating 5,000 years old in the Italian Alps. Warriors in the Persian Empire are depicted with ear adornments. Even in Buddhism, despite the discarding of material possessions, Buddha is often shown with distended earlobes.

Early doctors once believed that these accessories could cure headaches or improve eyesight. Earrings were also an indication of political loyalty or class status. Some tribes even believed that dressing the ears with jewelry would prevent the entry of evil spirits.

In the modern era, many of these ideas have faded into history, remaining as fun facts for trivia night. These days, earrings primarily serve as a fashion accessory: a way to add a little sparkle to any outfit or occasion. In fact, 14k gold-filled earrings are essential for any jewelry box, and they come in all shapes and styles.

14k Gold-Filled Earrings for the Modern Ensemble

Earrings are a staple for any wardrobe and an accessory for any occasion. Whether you just want to add a little zing to whatever you threw on for a quick trip for your morning coffee, or you want to offset your off-screen pajama pants in a Zoom meeting, earrings are a great way to feel “put together” at a moment’s notice.

There is an endless variety of options when choosing earrings, from materials and styles to shapes and sizes. Our favorite are 14k gold-filled earrings. Gold is classic, elegant, and can be dressed up or down.

So, what makes gold-filled jewelry so special?

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The Practical Appeal of Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold has a timeless appeal, and it’s not hard to see why. Pieces of jewelry made from gold are versatile and match any style. While the appeal of gold may be timeless, the lifespan of the jewelry can be limited.

Gold is a very soft metal, making solid pieces quite delicate. For everyday wear, solid jewelry needs a great deal of care to keep it in good shape. That’s where our love for 14k gold-filled earrings begins.

Not to be confused with gold plated, gold-filled jewelry is a high-quality alternative to solid gold jewelry. In the case of 14k gold-filled earrings, a jeweler applies a solid layer of 14k gold on top of the base layer.

These base layers are made of a heartier metal, typically something like jewelers’ brass, sterling silver, or copper. These earrings carry every bit of the warmth and beauty of their solid gold counterparts but are easier to maintain and last much longer.

Compared to gold-plated, gold-filled earrings have a thick layer of solid gold. You won’t have to worry about green stains on your ears or pieces that change color over time, as this method is more resilient. You can wear your earrings to the beach, the gym, or for a night out on the town without worrying about damaging them.

Style Staples

Earrings come in all designs and sizes. From bold costume jewelry to the understated elegance of studs and hoops, there is something to fit all tastes. Earrings are an accessory that appeals to even minimalist jewelry wearers and fit all occasions and seasons.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a basic essential. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit any preference. Hoops can be demure, hugging the earlobe for a simple pop of gold. They can also be large and bold, making a strong statement.

More modern takes on the classic hoop earring are designs in a variety of shapes, such as squares, triangles, teardrops, or asymmetrical hoops. Not limited only to simple metal rings, hoop earrings can also have gorgeous details such as charms or fine stones for a bit of color.

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Stud Earrings

Simple and chic, a stud will always suit any occasion. They are fashionable, stylish, and timeless. Ready to go at a moment’s notice, you can pop in a stud and instantly dress up or down any outfit. Studs can add a touch of gold to your earlobe in a variety of shapes and can be layered if you have multiple piercings in your ears.

Studs can also hold stones or other design elements close to your ears, framing your face with interesting or colorful embellishments. Studs are a favorite because they don’t get caught in hair - or the hands of children. Because they’re light and generally have little movement, you can easily wear them for more dynamic activities.

Drop Earrings

Short and sweet, or long and shoulder-kissing, drop earrings can offer a little something for everyone. No matter the style, drop earrings add a bit of movement to your look through your accessories.

Drop earrings can be a simple pearl delicately dangling from a post. There are also soft gold chains adorned with small natural stones for a longer, more flowing look. For something a bit more bold, some drop earrings combine styles, linking hoops vertically for a more layered look.

Threader Earrings

A modern style, threader earrings are a hot trend. They differ from more conventional styles, as they don’t have latch backs or other closures. Threader earrings are designed to be - you guessed it - threaded through your pierced ears, and don’t need anything to hold them securely in place.

By nature of their design, these earrings sit more naturally and comfortably in your ear. They can be simply gold and minimalist, or adorned with gemstones or charms. Threader earrings come in some interesting shapes, and add stylish detail from any angle of your face.


Each of these styles can be worn alone, or mixed up to create a style truly unique to you. If you have multiple piercings in your ears, try layering your look. A post with some drop earrings can add a bit of variety. Consider also wearing a simple and gold pair with bold, colorful counterparts.

Chic and Unique

Your preference for earrings is uniquely yours, and thankfully there is something to appeal to everyone. No matter what you choose, 14k gold-filled earrings are a chic, stylish, durable, and versatile option for adding a touch of sparkle to your look. If you’re looking for some new, handmade pieces to add to your collection, we can help.