How to Wear Everyday Hoop Earrings

May 28, 2021

Everyday hoop earrings are everywhere. From celebrities and stylists to teens and soccer moms, people can’t get enough of these classic jewelry staples. Town & Country calls hoop earrings “the sexiest spring accessory.” Whether you are going for sexy, elegant, bold or minimalist, there’s surely a hoop earring out there for you.

Not every hoop is the same, mind you. They range in material and size, as well as shape and embellishment. Which types of everyday hoop earrings work with which outfits, and how do you pair them with other pieces of jewelry?

When it comes to what to wear, we like to get suggestions from Sheri Terrell, a top Austin stylist who helps clients pull together outfits for casual wear, special events, photos and vacations. She has an eye for what works on each body and loves accessories as a finishing touch. She says everyday hoop earrings are a favorite go-to for most any outfit.

What Are Everyday Hoop Earrings?

Before we dig in, let’s quickly define what everyday hoop earrings are. We are talking about simpler, more delicate earrings that never overpower or compete with what you’re wearing. They aren’t typically giant, bold earrings but lighter and can transition from one outfit to another with ease.

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Don’t get us wrong; everyday hoop earrings aren’t boring or uninspired. They can be gorgeous pieces that get attention but mostly because of their simple elegance. Sheri says, “Everyday hoop earrings are simple and delicate, adding a little sparkle to your look. Liz James has a huge variety of beautiful and unique hoops that work with any outfit.”

A Hoop for Every Occasion

The beauty of everyday hoop earrings is that they are so versatile. “When I style a client, be it for a special event or a seasonal wardrobe update, I love to have many on-trend accessories to play with,” says Sheri. “Jewelry, handbags, belts and hats are all accessories that add the finishing touch, the icing on the cake. They pull together and complete any outfit. I love adding hoop earrings as part of my clients’ ‘jewelry essentials.’”

As we said, hoop earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Some work better than others with certain outfits. “Depending on the type of hoop earring, you can make an outfit feel edgy and cool or feminine and minimalist. Not only are there typical gold or silver simple hoops, but there are colorful hoops (think turquoise or solid colors), threader hoops, hoops with beads, stones or other embellishments, and hoops in a variety of shapes.”

You don’t have to look far to find hoop earrings. They’ve been around since forever and never go out of style. Sheri says, “From Sade in the 80s to the ‘it’ girls of today, hoop earrings are a trend that’s here to stay, and every woman needs several pairs in their collection. One of my favorite jewelers, Jennifer Fisher, says hoop earrings are like the perfect pair of jeans; you need a few styles to round out your collection, and just like denim, hoops can be very versatile. They can be casual with shorts and a tee or a minimal accessory for an evening outfit.”

How Do You Wear Everyday Hoops?

How you wear everyday hoop earrings depends on your outfit, other pieces of jewelry you’re wanting to wear, and your mood. Remember that jewelry is a reflection of your personality, so find earrings that say what you want them to say.

Here’s how Sheri explains how to wear hoop earrings with her clients:

“There are many styles of hoop earrings, each with their own ‘loose’ rules. Add a few different sizes and styles to your jewelry essentials so you always have choices.

“I consider small hoop earrings to be 1-2 inches, perfect to wear when your hair is down or casually tucked behind your ears. They are perfect to wear if you want to add other jewelry without making your neckline seem heavy or overdone. You can easily combine small hoops and a long necklace, a choker-length necklace or layered necklaces.

“Large hoops are 3-4 inches and ideal when your hair is up in a messy bun, a classic high ponytail or chignon. These hoops are fabulous with a pretty blouse for work, a turtleneck in winter, or a flirty summer dress. One major rule: large hoops are the focus, and your neck should remain bare unless it’s the simplest of chains. Avoid wearing large, everyday hoop earrings and a bold necklace.”

Examples of How to Wear Hoops

Sheri shops at Liz James for her clients, and when we asked her to give our customers examples of how to wear our hoops, she offered some great advice.

“Liz James has the perfect everyday hoop earrings you can wear with absolutely anything, like the small Barrett Square Hoop Earrings, the Juliette Small Gold Teardrop, or the small Livie Gold Hoop Earring,” she says. “They are small enough to work with any outfit, and you can pair them with most necklaces. I love the Barrett hoops with the Mia Gold Bar Necklace. You can also wear these smaller hoops with layered necklaces.

“For an edgier look, I’m obsessed with Wren Gold Hoop with Bar Earring, Gypsy Large Gold Hoop Earring, and the Dani Gold Hoop Earring. They all have an understated attitude that works perfectly with jeans. You don’t need a necklace with these pieces, but you can get away with a simple one, like the Claire. One of my favorite summer looks is a black maxi dress with a pair of these earrings, the awesome Cuff everyone needs in their collection, and the Isla Small Gold Wrap Hoop ring. Incredible.”

Buy Local Jewelry

We just love hoop earrings. They sound basic, and some are, but we love to create fresh, creative, unique hoop styles women love to wear. We make each earring by hand, using specialized tools and years of experience to ensure each one is perfect before we sell it.

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“I just love buying from local designers, be it fashion or jewelry,” says Sheri. “It not only supports our local economy, but it supports incredible artists who dedicate themselves to creating beautiful items you won’t find anywhere else. The quality is superior and my clients feel special wearing such distinctive pieces.”

We’d love to show you our handmade jewelry. Come visit us in our studio or shop online for one-of-a-kind pieces that make every outfit special. Want to book Sheri to help you update your wardrobe? Contact her, and check out her blog for other great stylist tips!