Trendy and Chic Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace for Every Season

September 2, 2021

How Can a Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace Enhance Your Style?

Gold paperclip chain necklaces are popular nowadays because they are simple, beautiful, and easy to wear alone. We can say they are almost universally wearable for all occasions. The style has become immensely popular on Instagram and other social media platforms. Designers have noticed many popular influencers who wear them too.

This trendy necklace is easy to layer with other necklaces because of its simplicity, making this a staple for any girl’s jewelry collection and the perfect gift. Girls simply love it because it goes with everything.

How Do You Wear a Gold Paperclip Necklace?

This type of necklace is delicate enough to wear with other jewelry or show off on its own. In either yellow or white gold, these chains feature rectangle-shaped links. Paperclip jewelry is a versatile accessory that looks great in any season of the year and for every occasion.

Its versatility makes it the ideal complement to any clothing, such as sweaters, t-shirts, and evening dresses. We all love a little bit of playtime, so why not explore your jewelry box for a little while and see what combinations you can create? It's a simple way of adding some personality to your outfits.

You can use it with all kinds of charms of different sizes, shapes, and colors, combining them or switching them occasionally, and even show off those precious stone pendants that you have hidden in your jewelry box.

Embellish the design further by adding chains of varying thicknesses to highlight it even more without being too overwhelming. You can make the necklace the central focus of the occasion.

What Is the Best Way to Layer Necklaces?

It is becoming more and more popular to layer your necklaces, but how do you do it so you look more effortlessly chic and less like Mr. T? The key lies in mixing up different styles, sizes, and chain lengths. Creating layers with a gold paperclip chain necklace doesn't have to be complicated.

Be sure to pay attention to the necklines and sleeves and make sure they highlight the items you're wearing rather than cover them up or conceal them. The chain length you choose will depend on what you're wearing and whether you want to wear the necklaces over clothing or bare skin.

Rather than pieces that are too similar, a mismatch of styles works better. When paired with a minimal, more modern design, a piece from your mom's or granny's jewelry box, just to mention an example, can look amazing too.

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Who Can Wear a Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace?

You can wear a gold paperclip chain necklace regardless of your age since it’s a generic design that will appeal to all tastes. Every girl shines and looks stunning wearing one, so get one for yourself or buy one for the special friend, daughter, or mother in your life.

We assure you that once you buy this Blake Gold Filled Paperclip Chain Necklace this year for yourself or as a gift, you will instantly feel modern and chic, with many ways to wear it.

What Does the Paperclip Symbolize?

Digging deeper into the significance of a paperclip, have you ever wondered where it came from and how it became a jewelry piece?

There has been debate over whether Norwegians wore paper clips as a sign of resistance to Nazism and antisemitism. The Norwegian resistance was able to smuggle Jews to neutral Sweden. The wearing of paper clips had nothing to do with demonstrating support for these efforts or solidarity with Norwegian Jewry.

Instead, it represented one of many non-violent expressions of Norwegian nationalism and loyalty to King Haakon VII. These activities included listening to foreign news broadcasts, printing and distributing underground newspapers, and wearing pins made from coins with the king's head brightly polished, from various "flowers of loyalty," and after the symbol "H7" (for Haakon VII).

In Norway, paper clips were invented during the war, making them the nation's wartime symbol, and many people wore them despite the danger of arrest. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions.

Johan Vaaler patented the paper clip in 1899 and 1901. There is information about this in some Norwegian encyclopedias after World War II. It became a national symbol because it denoted solidarity and unity ("we are bound together"). Still, wearing paper clips was soon prohibited, and people wearing them could risk severe punishment.

As you wear a gold paperclip chain necklace, it may inspire you to think of the importance of keeping humans united by embracing the "we are bound together" concept.

Ideas to Combine Your Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace

There are plenty of options for how you can wear your gold paperclip chain necklace. Here are some general ideas to inspire you:

  • If you feel like using delicate chains only, you can double or triple them.
  • Besides doubling up on chains, you could add charms too.
  • If you are using the same style chains, try on different pendants to combine.
  • Also, you can play and try with different length chains alone.
  • For another look, try a single chain with a pendant.
  • You can use a longer chain and a thicker choker alone or with a pendant.
  • As a general recommendation, try combining chains with different thicknesses but typically no more than three.

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Why You Should be Wearing a Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace?

Since the gold color symbolizes neutrality in many cultures, you can wear a gold chain for good luck. Wearing such jewelry is also believed to keep negativity at bay, bringing prosperity, harmony, and peace.

However, whether you believe in superstitions or not, wearing your gold paperclip chain necklace is guaranteed to make you look beautiful and fashionable.

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