Versatility at Its Finest With Your Mixed Metal Bracelet

July 12, 2021

Why You Should be Wearing a Mixed Metal Bracelet?

Fashion is a personal expression, and there are no set rules for every individual. You should wear what feels good on you, flatters your body, and makes you feel great about yourself. Thanks to the versatility of mixed metal bracelets, they can be the perfect complement to your outfit and your unique sense of style.

Often, you've heard the rule that says you should match your jewelry, so if you wear a rose gold bracelet, you should also wear a rose gold necklace. Even though mixing metals may seem like going against the grain, we shouldn't let that rule hold us back from adding them to our wardrobe. So if you are more like the rule-breaking type of person, a mixed metal bracelet can be your best ally, and we will tell you why.

How Versatile are Mixed Metal Bracelets?

As we said, the rule of not mixing different metals is one of the most common myths about jewelry, but did you know that combining two or more colors can look fantastic and give you a unique, modern look? Besides, they are not quite as traditional as a bracelet that's just one metal.

In addition, mixing multiple metals brings two main benefits: first, you realize there can be no limitations if you are used to just wearing gold or silver jewelry. Plus, the mix of metals adds a touch of class and edginess to your overall look.

By the way, it's good to mention that it is pretty chic nowadays to use them. To achieve this look, you need to put together an intentional color palette with all the jewelry pieces you own as part of your wardrobe and start trying.

The versatility of mixed metal bracelets allows you to create a custom look that’s ready for any occasion or activity. Look for one-of-a-kind, hand-made jewelry and accessories, and consider pieces adorned with stones or pearls to add even more interest.

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How To Get the Perfect Mix for a Perfect Look

You can always have a great time mixing metals, so why not see what combinations you can put together by looking through your jewelry box? It could be a fun way to make your wardrobe more flexible. These are six tips for you to accomplish if you don't know how to start:

TIP #1: When You Are New to Metal Mixing, Begin with Placement

When mixing metals, you can consider that two gold bangles are a perfect foundation for a new tone. A rose gold chain bracelet layered between them instantly elevates your look.

TIP #2: Decide What Your Base Tone Should Be

If you plan on wearing a mixed metal bracelet, choose the tone you like the most or the one you feel more comfortable wearing as the base metal. Adding new metals to an existing palette by strategically highlighting them is the easiest way to mix metals.

TIP #3: Pick Your Pieces Carefully

If you wear pieces alone, such as earrings or cocktail rings, keep the piece's base tone consistent. Consider choosing clothes that feature blocks of color rather than patterns that fight for attention with your jewelry so that the backdrop remains simple.

TIP #4: Highlight Just One Area for Maximum Impact.

Focusing on a single type of jewelry to mix is a great idea. Try layering bracelets only instead of mixing metals with bracelets and necklaces. Different styles and colors focused on just one wrist can be beautifully impactful, mainly when worn with a half or three-quarter length sleeve.

TIP #5: Create Unique Combinations.

How about wearing vintage pieces with your newer acquisitions to create a combination that's uniquely yours? You may probably find in your jewelry old pieces that are literal treasures. Your taste is as special as you are, so don't be afraid of mixing metals and styles. If it makes you feel good, then wear it! Jewelry should be all about you, so create your own style!

TIP #6: Add More Color

Especially with necklaces, a combination of silver, gold, and rose gold looks great. Pick different chain lengths, so they don't all sit on top of one another in a jumble. If possible, you should also wear a shorter, colorful necklace like a choker style that fits close to your neck.

How to Match Mixed Metal Bracelets to Your Skin Tone

Did you know your skin tone matters when selecting the right jewelry piece to wear for a great style? If you have honey, warm-colored skin tones, for instance, you can wear any metal color. Silver often looks ideal on cooler-toned skin, and gold looks amazing on darker skin tones. So if you're wondering when to wear gold or silver, note skin tone is an essential factor in choosing the right accessory color to ensure it does not clash with complementary colors.

What Is Your Skin's Surface Color and Undertone?

When it comes to identifying your surface color your skin color typically falls into one of four categories, which are:

Fair - skin tones that are the lightest and have blue or pink undertones. You probably burn easily and have light or red hair.

Light: People with "light" skin tend to have warmer undertones (more on that in a bit). You likely can tan in the summer.

Medium - Your skin is tan, with golden and olive undertones.

Dark - Darker skin tones often have bronze, copper, cinnamon or chocolate undertones.

In the case of skin tones, the undertone often gets misunderstood (or ignored). Undertones are what they sound like; they're the color tone underneath the surface of your skin. The undertone of your skin remains constant, unlike the color of your surface skin, which can vary by tanning and brightening products.

You have to put in a little extra effort to determine your undertones rather than your overtones. However, you can go to a makeup counter and ask a professional or look online for hacks.

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Closer to Skin Types

Finally, we see the fair skin type, also known as ashen skin, which looks excellent with white gold and sterling silver, but if you have pinkish undertones, steer clear of rose gold since it may make you look red. In case you have pale undertones, yellow gold will look great on you.

It is also good to distinguish some kinds of African Skin: Fair, Dark, and Arabic. Obviously, yellow gold is the most flattering color for this type of skin, but really any gold will look great on them. Just be aware that sterling silver may appear to be indistinct against darker skin tones.

Then we have the Asiatic Skin, where rose gold can also soften this type of skin tone if paired with yellow gold.

What’s a Beauty Component for a Shiny Mixed Metal Bracelet?

Even your make-up plays an exciting role here for a distinctive look that complements all your outfit when matching with your mixed metal bracelet. When wearing gold jewelry and you have cool skin, create a bold, pink, red, or orange lip to complement your choice of gold jewelry.

Make your appearance appear warm by choosing warm eyeshadow as well. Alternatively, if you have warm skin and prefer silver jewelry, create a cool lip with lavender, icy, nude, or a variety of pink shades that have a lighter and whiter appearance.

You can highlight your complexion's most remarkable features by wearing cool-toned eyeshadow. Let makeup shine with your mixed metal bracelet look too!

Versatility at Its Finest

Adding a little edginess is not so complicated. Besides, mixed metal bracelets can come with stones like pyrite or turquoise, so they're unique, and you can have it all in one piece!

Testing out your jewelry box is the best way to see what works for you, plus why not add to your collection our easy-going Deidra design? It certainly can make a difference because it matches everything.

Mixing metals is an excellent way to bring new life to well-worn items, so go ahead and give it a try. Ultimately, the only rule is that there are no rules! Are you looking for the right pieces to incorporate into your jewelry collection? We’d love to hear from you!