​Carry Your Beauty and Glow Everywhere with Your Open Hoop Earrings

July 13, 2021

What Are Open Hoop Earrings?

Our daily routine as we are getting ready in the morning should be filled with inspiration and motivation. It doesn’t always happen, but no matter how rushed we are, it is essential to dedicate that time to ourselves with all the love and care we need to face the challenges ahead of us. Once we are ready, another question could pop up: What earrings should I wear?

In this article, we invite you to take a look at some of the stylish open hoop earrings from our collection and give you a brief idea of how you can accessorize them to get the most out of a pair to complete that perfect look.

One of our most popular earring styles are our open hoop earrings. Open hoop earrings are hoops that do not connect to make a complete ring. They have an opening between the end of the hoop and the back of the earring, and they can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

We make our artisan-crafted open hoop earrings in round, oblong, square, triangle, chevron, and “D” shape. Most are simple, gold-filled hoops, while others have small turquoise stones, pearls, chains. All are effortless and classic.

So, why open hoop earrings versus the more traditional closed-loop earrings? We share five reasons why open hoop earrings should be nominated as a first choice every day.

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5 Reasons why Open Hoop Earrings Should be Your First Choice

You Will Stand Out - All The Looks Will Be on You!

Choosing earrings is all about helping you add a little elegance and shine throughout the day. Expect to get a lot of compliments the minute you show into the room, the office or anywhere you go. Your co-workers, friends, family or even that special someone will perceive your confidence.

Open Hoop Earrings Have the Potential to Match Any Look.

There are a variety of hoop earrings styles you can choose from, each adding something a little different. Some are made of gold and others in sterling silver.

Add several to your collection so you can change up your look simply by selecting a different open hoop earring. The endless looks are good news for your closet - casual, formal, or semi-casual - the variety goes with virtually every outfit in your wardrobe.

Invest in high-quality pieces, such as gold-filled ones, and take good care of them by cleaning them once or twice a month so they can last forever.

They Come in a Multitude of Sizes, Colors, and Shapes to Satisfy All Preferences.

Open hoop earrings are available in a wide range of diameter and width sizes. When purchasing your pair online, pay close attention to the description. It should have a diameter listed so you know what you are buying.

Other indicators are:

  • Small hoops or huggie hoops are typically under 20mmand just wrap around the earlobe
  • Mid-sized hoop earrings are generally 20 mm to 40 mm and are popular because they are extremely versatile and a perfect balance.
  • Large Hoops are 50mm+ and definitely make a statement. We always recommend going easy on the necklace if you wear large hoops, as they will be your statement piece.

The key is to know which is your face type and the size that suits you best. Here’s a quick overview of each face type and which will be the perfect earrings that fit for you.

- Rectangular face: Choose earrings that emphasize the width of your face. Medium to large size ones will look great on you.

-Square face: soften the edges by wearing earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges.

-Heart face: Find a design that is wider at the bottom than the top.

-Round face: This can be complemented by long drop or dangle earrings. This design will help elongate your face and make it look slimmer. This design will be just perfect for you.

-Oval face: If you have this type of face you are a pretty lucky girl since you can use all types of open hoop earrings!

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Open Hoop Earrings Mark The Face’s Contours

The selection of hoop earring size plays an influential role in your aesthetics as it will determine how they highlight and frame your face with your hairstyle.

Deciding which pair of hoop earrings you want most among all the varieties available will be a challenge once you check out our designs, but we can help you choose the one that best suits your face contour to begin your collection.

For example, small hoops are a good choice for those with medium to long hair, as they are elegant and eye-catching with the movement between the strands.

Mid-sized hoop earrings can be worn on all face contours, since they are suitable for all hairstyles and hair lengths, and go well with either casual or dressy outfits.

Larger hoops can flatter more angular, elongated,or wide faces. They can be worn with any hairstyle, but up-dos and hairstyles that pull hair away from the face are perfect.These allow the hoops to take full focus upon the earlobes and draw attention to the face.

Forever Fashionable Pieces

Open hoop earrings will continue to be a hit because they are so effortless and stylish. They make you feel and look classy, your age notwithstanding, and when it comes to looking stylish, the right jewelry is the one of the best ways to do it. That combination of jeans with a comfortable sweater, a cute blazer, or casual dress will take a turn from “it’s fine” to “I look amazing” with those open hoop earrings.

What Is The History Behind Hoop Earrings?

Just in case you’re wondering about the origin of hoop earrings, we thought we’d give you a short history lesson.

Throughout history, earrings have been known for highlighting the beauty and social status. They have been worn traditionally as symbols of cultural or tribal identity, as indicators of age, marital status, or rank, for their protective or medicinal powers according to some beliefs. However, the primary function of earrings has been decorative.

Cultures such as Greek, Roman, Asian, and Egyptian were the first to introduce them. We can also say that hoop earrings have their origin in Africa, in Nubia, a civilization that existed in the 4th century in what is now Sudan. They have also been a cultural element in Latin culture.

In the past, Egyptian royalty, including queens and pharaohs like Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen, and Cleopatra, wore gold hoops, but it was more for the style than for any other purpose. The circular shape represented not only unity, infinity and fullness, but also strength.

These famous accessories have been worn by men and women for decades.

We can say that these accessories have been part of many cultures throughout the decades and will undoubtedly continue to be so, thanks to the wide variety of designs. No doubt, its influence will continue to have an impact on future generations.

What Do Earrings Symbolize?

Earrings have been known for highlighting a woman's femininity, her beauty, and financial conditions, and nowadays, it really isn’t that different. To date, we all can face the best of opportunities and circumstances with elegance, confidence and, of course, with a good sense of style by wearing great open hoop earrings.

Just remember, jewelry speaks a lot about who you are. Fashion trends change constantly, but the power of hoop earrings is rooted in people's tastes and preferences. They are ideal for gifts and will guarantee you will look good in all seasons.

Want to add open hoop earrings to your collection or purchase a pair for someone you love? At Liz James, we can help!